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We help unique product companies find their market and their brand.

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “build it and they will come”. You’ve also probably learned that it’s a myth. If you’re going to invent something new, you better make damn sure someone is ready to buy what you have to sell.

Enter Weirdo, our tiny design collective. We’re creative partners to your product company in search of traction. And while we like pretty pictures and cool interfaces as much as the next designer, our Research-Driven Process™ keeps us humble. Our job is to get your business in the best place to connect with your people, whatever corner of the universe that may be.

Are you looking for help turning your science fiction into product/market fit? When you’re ready to get weird, you know who to call.

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We're currently working with these bold teams to make real-world impact:
  • TED
  • NPR
  • Wall Street Journal


VocaliD is a voice company, crowdsourcing speech recordings from speakers all over the world to build custom digital voices. Over the last 3 years, Weirdo has served as VocaliD’s part-time design partner. We designed their marketing website, provided front-end support to clean up technical debt, and mocked up product features to enhance the speech recording experience.

Since VocaliD’s launch in 2015, Weirdo has helped grow a user base of over 20,000 voice donors, with millions of sentences recorded. →
  • TechCrunch
  • CNBC
  • The Verge

Looking Glass Factory

Looking Glass is a maker of volumetric displays. Their products allow 3D digital content to be experienced in the real world, without the use of a VR/AR headset. Looking Glass hired Weirdo to rebrand and redesign their single product e-commerce store as a marketing website fit for their upcoming line of futuristic products.

Armed with their holographic technologies and a Weirdo-approved brand targeted at 3D creators and developers, Looking Glass has since gone on to raise $10 million in investment. →
  • AARP
  • Vice
  • The Huffington Post

Association of Young Americans

Association of Young Americans is a membership organization that aims to represent young Americans aged 18 to 35. Weirdo helped AYA design and build the MVP of a web platform that enables users to contact their representatives, stay updated on issues relevant to them, and redeem discounts from services that align with millennial values.

In the span of 2 months, Weirdo took AYA’s idea from napkin sketch to MVP stage. Since then, the AYA has received a generous investment from the AARP, the largest seniors group in the United States. →

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